The Film

"The Bay of Imbalance" is a documentary film that focuses on the plight of Oyster Bay's natural shell-fishermen (The Baymen) and their ongoing fight to save Oyster Bay Harbor from the devastation of commercial shellfish dredging.
Science, biology, history, politics and people all play key roles in this compelling story about an environment that desperately needs to speak for itself, but can't.   So we are speaking for it.

Why Making This Film Matters

I believe, and the Baymen believe, that when people are made aware of what actually goes on out there under the waters of Oyster Bay Harbor, people will not allow it any longer.  Hydraulic shellfish dredging will be no more.  So we are making this film, to share the truth about an issue that affects far more than just the Baymen of Oyster Bay.   This issue affects plants, animals, the ecosystem and the environment for every single one of us.
Nature is a wonderful, powerful thing.  We admire it, we rely on it, but unfortunately we also sometimes abuse it.  Yet even damaged and abused, if given a chance, nature can sometimes heal itself.  That's why this film matters - this film is nature's chance.

The Devastation

Due to the effects of 30+ years of unregulated commercial hydraulic shellfish dredging in Oyster Bay Harbor, what was once a flourishing Bay is now in dire straits. The naturally occurring oysters that gave the bay it's name some 400 years ago, are all but gone now. Clams are scarce, fish populations have drastically diminished and as a result local wildlife is suffering. But unlike the irreversible stories of animals gone extinct, or vast lands now developed, Oyster Bay Harbor's struggle for life is fixable – because it’s villain is artificial. And its savior could very well be a small but determined group of natural shell-fishermen affectionately called “Oyster Bay Baymen”. These Baymen are currently in the fight of their lives to save their lives, to save their livelihoods, and to save Oyster Bay Harbor itself.

The Team

The Challenge

Our fundraising goal here is a humbling $50,000.  In reality we passed this number six months ago.  Our actual costs are far greater by now but money is not our goal here.  Change is.  Saving the environment is.  Exposing a deeply guarded reality in Oyster Bay Harbor which without this film, may never be.
Production expenses:

  • Rental fees: scuba equipment, Oxygen, hydraulic pumps, underwater camera housing, drone, two complete camera setups, lenses, mics, field recorders, two blimp setups, boom, tripods/heads, camera dolly/rails, Gyro stabilizer, Steadicam, Rental Insurance fees, etc.
  • Production Related Costs: Boat fees, Airline travel, car rentals, gas, diesel, design and fabrication, steel rod, I-beams, fittings, shipping cases, shipping fees, insurance, etc.
  • Post Production: Hard drives, Editing, Colorist, Audio work, musical scores and licensing, Software, narration, writing
  • Distribution: Marketing costs, Film festival entries, broadcast

Our Story

Two and a half years into this production, funded mainly with our own blood sweat and tears, the Baymen and I have accomplished an impressive amount of work.  If someone told me on day-1 that research scientists would be contributing to this film, biologists, ex-dredge boat builders and operators, veteran shell-fishermen from other harbors, fabricators, an Oyster Bay historian and even Billy Joel of all people..? I would not have believed it. Yet here we are. This film has more potential today than anyone ever dreamed it would. Good brings good- which is what got you here.  I hope you feel this project is worthy of your support.

Thank you,
The North Oyster Bay Baymen's Association

Thank you Lensprotogo for their generous rental support to help us make this film!



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The Bay of Imbalance, an environmental documentary film project
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