A brief introduction to why the Baymen choose to fight to end commercial shellfish dredging in Oyster Bay Harbor.


The majority of Oyster Bay Baymen articles are written by Eric Gulbransen. Eric is an environmental advocate, a filmmaker, and a supporter of the Baymen and their cause to end hydraulic shellfish dredging in Oyster Bay Harbor.


  1. I grew up in Oyster Bay. This video was so enlightening. My heart broke as I watched fish and crabs overwhelmed and suffocated by the dredge sediment – like watching a nuclear explosion cloud sweeping across land. How horrific. Our Baymen deserve to be able to continue their livelihood in the manner that protects the bay for future clam harvests, and that protects tge rest of the environment as well. The mass dredging must be stopped. How can we help?

  2. Thanks for watching Mary Ellen. I cannot agree with you more. We have thought and talked about the Hydraulic Dredging situation in Oyster Bay Harbor for years now. One of the simplest questions that begs for answers is, “How can this be going on in the first place? Isn’t unregulated dredging against the law?” The short answer to the first question is, “Out of sight, out of mind..” The short answer to the second question is, “Yes it is, everywhere else in NY except Oyster Bay Harbor.”

    The Baymen hope, and believe, and have dedicated a lot of time and money in these hopes and beliefs – that if more people become aware of what actually goes on out there, less people will be able to get away with it. So we are producing a documentary film called The Bay of Imbalance,. In just two days time we will initiate a fundraising campaign on this very site, to raise money to help finish this film. The short video you just watched was made from just a few segments of this film rescued from the editing floor.

    Remember the documentary called “Black Fish?. Our goal is similar. Please check back in a few days, we could sure use help getting the word out about our campaign.

    Thank you for being the first comment on!

    The Baymen

  3. How horrible. I agree with my sister in referencing this to nuclear explosion on the bottom of the bay. Beautiful Oyster Bay is being dredged into oblivion. It will be Dead Bay soon if this is not stopped. I hope you have shared this on all the Facebook pages for Oyster Bay. I would like to know when the film is completed. This is of great interest to me. Thank you for trying to save the Bay

  4. Thank you Cathy. And you are not the only one – we all would like to know when this film is finished. Somehow we are about 60% there, regardless of the fact that we’ve only managed 5% funding.

    I met an interesting person once who asked me how I make decisions – “with my head or with my heart”? At the time I couldn’t answer. Hard as I tried to be honest I always doubted my answer. …Then I took on the Bay of Imbalance documentary film project.

    Where is that person now dammit. Two and a half years into this project and now I could answer that question in a second.

  5. I commend you for your compassion and passion and I feel this is sad as I too grew up in oysterBay.
    I am just curious, 50,000 is not that much money, Billy Joel is a multi millionaire , why doesn’t he get yo to the goal of 50,000?
    Billy Joel was actually the neighbor of the owner of dredge boats in OB at one point in time, living on centreIsland in multi million dollar homes, I wish a millionaire like him would get you to goal so you could get this documentary out there! Good luck

  6. Thank you Layla. It’s great to be a part of something this important, and this positive, which is not about or for any one of us. it’s a quietly numbing reality that the major players fighting for this bay will most likely be retired by the time Oyster Bay Harbor comes back to life – and that’s if we stop the hydraulic dredging TODAY. It’s the most unselfish effort I have ever been a part of. Thank you for the support and well wishes!

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