It’s April now, five months after we launched our famously failed Kickstarter campaign.  It crashed and burned after not reaching it’s goal in thirty days.  On day thirty-one every dollar was returned to it’s rightful owner, and we were left penniless back at square one.  Where to from here?  Here to from here – Oysterbaymen.com and our brand new campaign!

Isn’t this exciting?  More people asking you for money?  It’s a dream, right?

Well hear me out for a minute and maybe you’ll agree, this actually is a dream:

  • Our environment has some serious problems, agreed?
  • We are offering help.  A lot of help.
  • All we’re asking from you is the cost of a bottle of water at the movies, and you’ll be helping too

Feels kind of good being asked now doesn’t it.


The majority of Oyster Bay Baymen articles are written by Eric Gulbransen. Eric is an environmental advocate, a filmmaker, and a supporter of the Baymen and their cause to end hydraulic shellfish dredging in Oyster Bay Harbor.

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