First I owe my sincerest thanks to those of you offering support to our campaign.  Your generosity is inspiring.  ..and I do not take inspiration lightly.

Most important update right now is the building of our scale hydraulic shellfish dredge.  This will be a key element in our film – showing a real life hydraulic shellfish dredge affecting both the bottom and the water column, from underwater.  Hard to do.  Footage showing this does not exist online.  So we decided to build our own dredge, to 1/2 scale, so that we could film it in action underwater.

Bob Weymms, Bill Fetzer and Billy Painter all worked together fabricating our scale dredge.  Steel rod was supplied by Chrissy, of “blank” welding.  FYI – Bob is the commercial welder, so my guess is Fetzer and Painter mostly watched while Bob did all the work…

Next part of the build t is making the hydraulic manifold, with the water jet nozzles, then testing them all with hydraulic pumps and hoses all hooked up and functioning.  Stay tuned for more.  These next two weeks will be busy.

Thank you again for your support.  Good follows good,



The majority of Oyster Bay Baymen articles are written by Eric Gulbransen. Eric is an environmental advocate, a filmmaker, and a supporter of the Baymen and their cause to end hydraulic shellfish dredging in Oyster Bay Harbor.

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